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Sunday 12 February 2023

Using WhatsApp to order food online in Indian railways

Their WhatsApp number to soon become an interactive two-way means of communication.

Representative image of Indian Railways
Representative image. Photo by Kishore V on Unsplash

IRCTC, the PSU (Public Sector Unit) of Indian Railways, recently began a new food ordering service aided through WhatsApp, through their Business WhatsApp number +91-8750001323, and in the next phase, this WhatsApp number is planned to become an interactive two-way means of communication powered by an automated chatbot.

They plan to provide e-catering services through WhatsApp in two stages, where in the first stage their Business WhatsApp number will be sending a message to you when you book an e-ticket, where the message will contain a link to their e-catering website through which you can order food.

This way you can book meals through their website, without needing to install their app on your mobile device.

In the coming days, they aim to enable their WhatsApp number to become interactive and provide two-way communication to you for booking meals for your travel on Indian Railways. That is, when fully implemented, you can order your meals fully through WhatsApp alone. An interactive Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot will be handling your queries and book meals for you.

Currently, they have implemented WhatsApp communication for their e-catering services on selected trains and passengers, and they plan to enable this service for more trains based on customer feedback.

Do note that their official WhatsApp number is +91-8750001323, as given in their official announcement, and do not fall prey to scams of any other numbers trying to impersonate them.

As per the official figures, around 50,000 meals are being served per day through IRCTC’s e-catering services, considering both their website and app together.

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