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Sunday 9 July 2023

New Discount for travel in all AC Sitting Coaches of Indian Railways trains, including Anubhuti and Vistadome coaches

The Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India announced a new discount scheme for travel in AC Chair Car and Executive Classes of all trains having AC Sitting, including Anubhuti and Vistadome Coaches.

Representative image of Indian Railways
Representative image. Photo by Shruti Singh on Unsplash

That is, look for a discount when you're booking a seat or seats in any coach with AC Sitting, like an AC Chair car, Executive Coach, and even in an Anubhuti or a Vistadome coach.

A new conditional discount for travelling in AC Sitting Coaches in all trains was announced by The Indian Ministry of Railways on 8th of July, 2023. If applicable, you may avail this discount for travelling in such coaches of Indian Railways.

This new discount scheme will apply to AC Chair Car and Executive Classes of all trains that have AC sitting accommodation, including the Anubhuti and Vistadome Coaches. The discount available will be up to 25% on the basic fare; conditions apply.

These aforementioned discounts will be available for such trains of Indian Railways that have AC Chair Car and Executive Classes with less than 50% of occupancy during last 30 days, where the occupancy rate will be considered for either end to end or in some specified sections of the train's route.

Note that this discount scheme is only for AC coaches of AC Sitting type, that is this means that any AC Sleeper coaches do not have this discount provided.

This discount will be applicable to all AC Sitting coaches, which are : AC Chair Cars or Executive Class coaches (Executive Class means an AC class with only Chair Car type of seats. That is, there are no Sleeper berths in these coaches). As Aniubhuti and Vistadome coaches are also AC sitting, so this discount scheme will apply to them too.

This new railways Discount Scheme is said to be implemented with immediate effect[1]. As per the official announcement, there will be no refunds for passengers who have already booked before the introduction of this discount scheme.

Note that this scheme will not be available on special trains such as as holiday special trains or festival special trains, etc. It is also announced that for trains where flexi-fare scheme is applicable in a particular class, and if their occupancy is poor, then in such a case, the flexi-fare scheme may be withdrawn initially as a measure to increase the occupancy.

This discount scheme will be applicable up to a period of 1 year, and the availability of this discount is subject to many terms and conditions. Below are the detailed terms and conditions for this discount scheme as announced by The Ministry of Railways.

Detailed Terms and Conditions for this Discount Scheme

Below are the terms of the Applicability of the Discounted Fare scheme, reproduced verbatim as given by the Ministry:

--------- Applicability of the Discounted Fare scheme ---------

  • This scheme shall be applicable in AC Chair Car and Executive classes of all trains having AC sitting accommodation including Anubhuti and Vistadome coaches.
  • The element of discount shall be up to maximum 25% on the basic fare. Other charges like reservation charge, Super fast surcharge, GST, etc., as applicable, shall be levied separately. The discount may be provided in any or all the classes on the basis of occupancy.
  • The train having classes with occupancy less than 50% (either end to end or in some specified legs/sections depending upon the sections where discount is to be provided) during the last 30 days shall be taken into consideration. The fares of competitive mode of transport shall be the criteria while deciding quantum of discount.
  • The discount can be given for the first-leg of journey and/or last leg of journey and/or intermediate sections and/or end to end journey, provided occupancy is less than 50% in that leg/section/end to end, as the case may be.
  • The discount shall be implemented with immediate effect. However, no refund of fare shall be admissible for already booked passengers.
  • Such discount shall be initially implemented for a period as decided by PCCMs of the zones corresponding to the originating station of the train, subject to a maximum of six months for the journey dates from when it is implemented. Discounted fare may be given for the entire duration or part duration or month wise or seasonal or for week days/ weekends based on demand pattern of the aforementioned period.
  • For trains with inter-zonal O-D pairs/destinations, discount in fare may be given in consultation with PCCMs of other Zonal Railways/Managing Director or COM/CCM in the case of KRCL.
  • Further review shall be made regularly and based on the occupancy, the discount may be modified/extended/withdrawn.
  • If modification of discount/withdrawal of the scheme is decided, the same may also be implemented with immediate effect. However no difference of fare shall be charged or collected from already booked passengers.
  • In case of those trains where flexi fare scheme is applicable in a particular class and the occupancy is poor, flexi fare scheme may be withdrawn initially as a measure to increase the occupancy. In case this does not result in improved occupancy, only then discount scheme may be made applicable in those trains/classes.
  • Tickets on PTOs/Difference of fare on Rly passes/Concessional vouchers/MLA/ex-MLAs coupons/Warrants/MPs/Ex-MPs/Freedom fighters etc shall be booked on original class wise fare and not on discounted fare.
  • Tatkal quota shall not be earmarked in such trains for the decided period in case the discount is provided on end to end basis. Further, if discount is provided for part journey of the train, then tatkal quota may not be provided for the part of the journey where discount is given.
  • The discount shall for tickets booked up to preparation of 1st chart and during current booking. The discount may also be permitted onboard by TTE.
  • This scheme shall not be applicable on special trains introduced as holiday/festival specials etc.

The provision of this scheme shall be applicable upto a period of 1 year.

--------- End of Terms ---------

Now some of the above terms may seem complicated and confusing to common travellers like you and we and leave you scratching your head, as there appears to be too many terms which makes it apparently a very complicated discount. 

But we don't really need to worry here at all. All you need to do is this : When you're booking your next ticket in an AC chair car or any AC coach with Sitting (that is, not an AC Sleeper), then look for a discount, and if you find an option of availing a discount, then go for it you lucky traveller!

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