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“ Trayaan is not about us; it is about the destinations we go to, the places we visit, things we come across while travelling, and all things travel. ”
2013 to 2023 — Celebrating 10 years of Trayaan
πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ 2013 to 2023 πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
Celebrating 10 years of Trayaan

Trayaan - What it's all about

Routine life is monotonous. Everyone tries to drive away the insidious monotony in one way or the other, and travelling to places or taking a tour often helps bust that bundled stress of everyday life. That’s pretty much the reason why most people travel, including ourselves, when we’re not travelling just for the sake of it.

Travels, trips, or tours are undoubtedly an essential part of life or living. And that's what Trayaan is all about, essentially. Trayaan is not about us; it is about the destinations we go to, the places we visit, things we come across while travelling, and all things travel.

How it began

We've been travelling since our childhood as tourists, an we've also travelled just for the sake of it or whenever duty requires us to.

This blogging thing happened much later after we returned from one tour and met again and we were recalling about the times when we look for potential places to travel to.

It was then that we wondered why not document our travels and the places we've been to, as it might help others who would be looking for where to go on the next long weekend — leading to the inception of Trayaan, our travel blog.

What we have for you

On Trayaan, we offer first-hand travel stories and destination information, useful travel tips and perspectives, and more.

We offer relevant, authentic, unbiased and trustworthy content to our ardent readers who are eager to know more about the places and destinations featured in our travel stories, whether they are monuments, mountains, beaches, cities or any other travel interests. We've begun our travel stories, starting from our beloved motherland Bhārat - the incredible India and her great heritage.

In addition to that, we give you valuable travel tips based on our own experiences. We give our perspectives on matters related to travel or travelling. Plus we give handy maps in our travel stories and destinations of interest to help you navigate and visit places with ease.

We also blog anything from a flower to a tower that we come across in our travels, which may just look great or which may have an interesting tale to tell.

We’re all for quality and genuineness

We believe in quality over quantity. We don't like to fill the site with vacuous posts just for the sake of posting more.

We only blog about the places we’ve been to, and our travel tips are based on our own first-hand travel experiences. We go the extra mile and refer to authoritative sources and try to find reliable details, in our travel stories and other articles. And if we find that we made a mistake, we correct it.

We never post about someplace we haven’t been to ourselves, and we don’t give travel tips that we haven’t learnt ourselves (the hard way or otherwise!). So, you can rest assured that the content on Trayaan is genuine and trustworthy.

We cite sources and provide references to external sources of information and even provide links to them if they're accessible online.

And no, we don't get paid for any mentions or reviews of anything, whether it's a hotel, a device, travel gear, tools, or whatever else. We don't do paid or sponsored articles. We don't have anything to sell here, and if we ever do, then we'll properly disclose it.

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We are
Nataraj Rao

Avid traveller and photography enthusiast.
Writer and Photographer for Trayaan. Trayaan was my big idea!

Pradeep Hegde

Jack of all trade. Also a photography and travel enthusiast.
Editor, Writer, and Photographer for Trayaan.
Also blogs at Pralekha.

Shreenath Shenoy

Travel enthusiast with a different outlook. Writer and Photographer for Trayaan.

... Along with more friends and travel enthusiasts.

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