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Help (FAQ) - Frequently Asked Questions

Help articles and frequently asked questions about this website.

  • What is Trayaan?
    Trayaan is our travel blog, a collection of our travel stories with details and useful insights about the places and destinations we've been to. In addition to that, we also provide you with handy maps, tips and other details to help you visit that place. We also give you useful travel tips based on our own travel experiences. We also blog about all things travel and photography in our perspectives and photography sections.

  • How can I find insights about places and destinations?
    Typically, the insights about any place or destination is included in our travel stories. You can use the Jump Links in the travel story posts or articles to navigate within that post or article. Travel stories, typically the ones on a place or a destination, will also contain place details and information such as transportation, food, accommodations, maps, and best times to visit towards the end of the post/article.

    Visit the Travel Stories section, or the Places and Destinations section, or simply make a search using the search bar on Trayaan, to read more about the place or destination you wish to know more about. Please remember that whatever you find here isn't an exhaustive list, and we regularly keep adding our travel stories and insights of more places we visited . So keep visiting Trayaan!

  • How do I use the Maps?
    Currently, all maps shown on our site are made using the Google Maps service. You can choose to open them in a new window, and you can add them to your maps, when you're logged into your Google account. If you have the Google Maps app installed on your smartphone, then it opens in the app (if it is chosen as the default application. Otherwise, it can be opened in the mobile browser, such as Chrome or Firefox). You can save them for later reference, and also use the app's Offline features by downloading the areas and include it in your saved offline locations to access it later during your trip. View the Google Maps Help for more details.

  • Can I use a photo from on my blog/website or somewhere else?
    Sorry, we cannot authorise use of our photos on other blogs/websites or anywhere else.

  • No, they're not. We do not get paid for any mentions or reviews of anything, whether it's a hotel, a device, travel gear, tools, a place, a destination or whatever else. We don't do paid or sponsored articles. All the mentions and reviews are purely based on our travel experiences. More >

  • I spotted an error/mistake in an article. How do I report that?
    We appreciate your efforts of notifying us by bringing any errors or discrepancies to our knowledge. You can notify us through our Contact Us page, by highlighting and briefly explaining the error and the full link (URL) to that web page on which you spotted that error. The issue will be dealt as soon as possible, and the errors will be corrected after our review.

  • How Can I subscribe to updates from Trayaan? Does Trayaan provide email newsletters?
    Yes, we do. You can subscribe to new posts by email and get notified when there's something new on Trayaan. View our Newsletter Subscriptions page to subscribe, and for more details about it. Subscribing to our Newsletters by email is the best way to follow our blog and stay updated. There will be no ads, no promotionional emails, and absolutely no spam from us. You will get a newsletter email from us only when there's something new posted on Trayaan.

  • How do I Subscribe to the Newsletters?
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  • Anything else? You can reach us through our Contact us page.