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Friday 31 May 2024

Travel Throwbacks - Nature in Pictures : Part 2

Some more of nature favourites from our past travels.

Peacock sitting on a branch in Bandipur National Park in Karnataka
Peacock in Bandipur National Park, Karnataka.

This is a peacock in Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, found by Nataraj Rao during his visit, and he blissfully captured the majestic bird, the National Bird of India, on his camera.

Whether you're on a tour or just travelling, there's nothing that beats nature, its bliss and wonders. Whether you go for a location with natural beauty or just taking a peek out of your vehicle when travelling, nature does not disappoint.

So, let us see some more nature in pictures below, from our past trips, before we post a new one.

Cute eastern grey squirrel in Minnesota, USA
Eastern Grey Squirrel in Minnesota, U.S.A.

How can we forget Nataraj's cute friend in Minnesota? So, here's the eastern gray squirrel, all happy and smiling after a snack!

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The road to Talakaveri during heavy monsoon rains in Coorg - Kodagu district of Karnataka
The road to Talakaveri, in Coorg - Kodagu district in Karnataka, during monsoon rains.

There's no way we can forget our good ol' Coorg trip in monsoon, years ago. It was one of our best trips together. The above picture is of the road to Talakaveri during heavy monsoon rains,

The rains, the weather, the travel, the places, and even our stay, everything was so blissful on that trip, which is what makes it so memorable to us.

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However, do check the weather forecasts for any alerts if you plan to travel during monsoons to avoid any potential bad weather problems.

A nice duck in Padmasambhava Buddhist Vihara - the Golden temple of Bailakuppe
Cute Duck in Buddhist Vihara, Bailakuppe

A cute duck in Padmasambhava Buddhist Vihara - the Golden temple of Bailakuppe, in Mysore district of Karnataka. This was during our aforementioned trip to Coorg.

Beautiful green fields at Karnataka-Kerala state border
At the Karnataka-Kerala state border, on the way from Mysuru to Wayanad.

The above picture was the nice scene outside our vehicle, as we were waiting in line to cross the Karnataka-Kerala state border en route to Wayanad in Kerala, back in 2013.

Tea plantation in Wayanad, Kerala
Tea planation in Wayanad, Kerala.

The above is another one from that trip. A tea plantation by the road to Soochipura waterfalls.

Fishermen returning to shore at Panambur Beach in Mangalore
Panambur Beach, in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

The fishermen were returning to the shore after a day's work, at sunset, in Panambur Beach in Mangaluru.

Fishermen at Panambur Beach in Mangalore
Fishermen returning to shore at Panambur Beach.

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A view of Ramasamudra lake in Karkala
A view of Ramasamudra lake in Karkala, Karnataka.

A band of greenery separates the blue sky from the blue waters of Ramasamudra lake of Karkala.

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Beautiful lake with blue waters and blue sky above
A beautiful lake by the railway route, near Channaraypattana.

The train went through the railway that passes between this beautiful lake somewhere near Channarayapattna in Karnataka, while travelling between Bengaluru and Hassan via Shravanabelagola.

This was from our train trip between Bengaluru and Mangaluru which goes through the spectacular western ghats.

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Well, that's it for this episode of nature in pictures. See you in our next post, which will be something new. Until then, goodbye, and happy travelling!

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