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Saturday 27 April 2024

No more distance restrictions for buying unreserved journey and platform tickets on Indian Railways UTS app

Indian Railways withdraws the distance restrictions for both journey and platform tickets on its UTS mobile app used for booking unreserved tickets. Plus, some brief details about this app.

Train arriving in railway station. Representative image.
Representative Image. Photo by Shivansh Singh on Unsplash.

As per the latest announcement on 25th April 2024 on X, Indian Railways has withdrawn the distance restrictions for booking both journey and platform tickets on their UTS mobile application.

That is, now you can buy unreserved tickets through this app from anywhere, unlike the earlier restriction where you had to be within a couple of kilometres from the railway station where you planned to catch the train. But note that despite the earlier distance constraint now being removed, your journey should still commence within one hour after booking the ticket using this app.

With this update, you can now book unreserved tickets on this app without being subject to geographical restrictions anymore. Also, you get a 3% bonus when recharging your R-Wallet for booking your unreserved tickets on this app.

And you can now use UPI payments too, as this app integrates with UPI apps within the payment aggregator section.

By using the UTS app for buying unreserved tickets, you can avail cashless transactions, contactless ticketing, and paperless tickets. This way you can avoid waiting in lines at the ticket counters in railway stations to get an unreserved ticket or platform tickets, and you also need not carry a paper ticket if you're using the paperless ticket feature.

About the UTS app

UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) is an official Indian Railways mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets. This app is available on Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for iOS devices. This is a free app developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). You may also see the official website for UTS for more information.

Using the UTS App, you can get unreserved tickets for your journey through the app itself. You can also get platform tickets by using this app. Note that as this app's name goes, you can use it for buying unreserved tickets only. That is, you cannot book reserved tickets in advance on this app.

Using the Paperless Tickets option in this app (also called Book and Travel), you can get a journey ticket, season ticket, or a platform ticket; and you can see your ticket in the app itself. With this app, there is no need of taking a printed copy of the ticket as you can use the 'Show Ticket' option in the app to show your ticket to the ticket checker TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) or the TC (Ticket Collector).

Note that your smartphone will need to be GPS enabled and you will need an active internet connection on your smartphone to use this feature. The platform tickets on the UTS is currently available for selected stations only.

Also note that your journey should commence within one hour after booking the paperless ticket. Your journey date has to always be the same date as when you're buying the ticket on it. And your paperless ticket is valid only when you're able to show it on your mobile smartphone during ticket checking.

So, you need to ensure that your phone is not turned off and that it has enough charge and stays on until the end of your journey, as there can be ticket checking when you exit your destination railway station too.

Note that Paperless Ticket booking (Book and Travel) is not allowed inside a train or within the premises of a railway station. For booking paperless ticket, you should be away from railway station premises or railway track. You have to get your ticket through the app before boarding the train.

You can also get paper tickets using this, but in that case you will need to take a printed copy of your ticket from an ATVM (Automatic Ticket Vending Machines) or a CoTVM (Cash/Coin & Smart Card operated Ticket Vending Machine) inside your source railway station, that is the station where you want to board the train.

Also, if you opt for paper ticket, you must have the paper ticket with you during your journey, that is, you cannot use the paperless option then. So the paperless option appears to be more convenient and less hassle.

Using this app

To use this app after you have installed it on your mobile device, you have to register yourself on it by giving your mobile number and other details such as name, password, gender, and date of birth.

Once you're registered on it, you have to recharge your Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) to buy the tickets. There will be no additional costs charged except for the charges of the tickets you purchase.

For help, check out the Getting Started section or the FAQs section in the app itself. There is also a Helpline option in it.

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