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Sunday 11 December 2022

Travel Comics - Bed Bugs are Bad Bugs!

Trayaan Travel Comic - 02.

Okay, now here's our second travel comic. We hope it doesn't bug you!

Trayaan Travel Comic - Bed bugs are bad bugs
Trayaan Travel Comic. Comic No. 2, December 2022.
Bed Bugs are Bad Bugs!

Of course, you'd agree to me that bed bugs are bad bugs. Hence the pun in this travel comic.

In this scene, our traveller protagonist is spending a night in Hotel Mega Bites and he's having one of those “no sleeping tight for the bed bugs bite” nights.

If you've been travelling for a long time or even been a tourist, I'll bet you'd have encountered bed bugs at least once somewhere. While these are more common in cheap and budget hotels or transportation, they may show up in other places too. Like mosquitoes give you itchy bumps, bites from these bloodsucking bugs can give you itchy welts.

Bed bugs are such a pesky travel pests that they can go beyond your travel time and even accompany you back to your home and then bother you there too. Once I had a hard time getting rid of them and I've been more careful ever since.

You can get them at a variety of places such as buses, trains, cabs, hotels, and even movie theatres. They'll usually be infesting furniture such as chairs or beds (hence the name bed bugs, of course). One thing is that you cannot always avoid them, you can try but you may still get them nonetheless.

If they come back with you and infest your home, it won't be easy to get rid of them. While you can hunt them down yourself in every corners of your furniture and use some bug spray, in worse cases you may need help from a pest control or bug exterminator service.

When I found bed bugs in my home, I didn't know from where they had come from or for how long they'd been there. But it wasn't not more than a few days or more, I think, before I began noticing itchy welts that they leave on the skin. On inspecting the bed sheet, I found one and immediately exterminated it. However, that wasn't the end of it for there were more to be found.

Fortunately in my case, my quarters was just a small room with just a couple of furniture, and so I could get rid of them fairly easily after their presence was discovered. This included washing all clothes and bed-sheets and then using bug sprays on the furniture and bed mattress. 

So how to deal with bed bugs you ask? I'll share more tips on that in an upcoming post. So, see you later traveller!

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