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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Travel Throwbacks - Nature in pictures : Part 1

A few of our favourite pics from some of our past travels.

Here are some travel throwbacks, a few of our favourite nature pics from our travels so far.

Trayaan Travel Throwbacks - Nature in pictures - Part 1

Although we've begun an in-pictures series in the photography section, we hadn't dedicated any explicitly to nature so far. So, here's beginning a nature-only series, and this is the first part of it, a few throwbacks from our previous travels.

While it's true that we haven't been blogging frequently, we intend to catch up. These pictures were originally enhanced in Photoshop and then later we used Instagram filters on them.

Lately, we aren't happy about using Instagram, though, as we feel as if there's a considerably significant loss of image quality due to image compression, and there was always the inability to zoom into the picture while editing it, due to which we never get to see how edits or filters are affecting the image quality when it is seen in full size. And not to mention the glitches in the app which cause all your picture drafts to simply disappear with no option to retrieve them.

Fortunately there are some good apps or programs for image enhancement or post-processing which we can use, but more about that later. Anyway, let's get to the point now. Here's the first part of our Nature in pictures series.

🕸️ A Spider lurks at Abbi Falls! 🕷️

A Spider lurks at Abbi Waterfalls in Coorg, Kodagu district
A Spider lurks at Abbi Falls!
🕷️ Dunno about the internet connectivity, but you can certainly access the web here. 🕸️

We spotted this big spider lurking on its web on the hanging bridge before Abbi falls, on our trip to Coorg during the monsoon rains, eleven years ago.

Abbi falls, or Abbey waterfalls, is about 5 to 6 kilometres from Madikeri town of Kodagu district, which is still popularly referred to as Coorg - its former anglicised name. The water from Abbey falls flows further ahead to merge with the river Kaveri (Cauvery).

Even though we didn't cover too many places, it was a fun trip and we still consider it as one of our best trips.

Read more about our Monsoon Trip to Coorg, Kodagu District >

☔ The Monsoon Bliss at Shiradi Ghats 🌧

Monsoon clouds and misty mountains in Shiradi Ghats
Monsoon clouds and misty mountains in Shiradi Ghats.

This picture is from a road trip through the Shiradi Ghats section of the Western Ghats, about eight years ago during the monsoons that year. It's a view of the remnants of an old bridge or a bridge-like structure across a rivulet, which was visible from the highway.

The scenic backdrop of the monsoon clouds and misty mountains of the world heritage Western Ghats range made the journey through this way blissful. Also, a lot has changed since then, as this section of the highway was completely concreted, that is, this section of the highway is now fully made of concrete and so there's no more giant potholes here, which makes the trip more pleasant.

A Squirrel's snack time 🐿️

A Minnesota squirrel's snack time
Time for a snack! A Minnesota squirrel, munching a cracker.

A little squirrel buddy back in Minnesota, USA. One who used to visit the patio every day for a snack. One of them even used to take a cracker from the hand.

No, heavens, no, not a firecracker! A cracker means a biscuit-like snack in the USA, something like a Parle CrackJack what we have here in India, for example. You can see the cracker in the squirrel's hands in above picture.

See more of these cute chubby little Eastern Gray Squirrels of Minnesota >

A doggie's time off 🐕

A relaxing dog
Lemme just snooze for a while...

A nice doggy, relaxing in Somanathapura. While we visited this place for the spectacular Keshava temple of Somanathpur, an excellent masterpiece among the magnificent Hoysala temples, we do keep an eye out for other things too.

See more about Somanathpur and its magnificent Hoysala temple >

🌷 Beautiful waterlilies by a road 🌷

A beautiful white water lily and a bud
A beautiful white water lily and a bud.

We came across this beautiful little pond full of waterlilies while passing by a road. And we just stopped to take some pictures of it. It was a sunny afternoon, but that didn't stop us.

Such natural roadside beauties often tend to disappear, especially outside the cities or the suburbs, due to growing city suburbs, and gradually get replaced by a concrete jungle.

Here's another one below which had bloomed in the same little pond.

A pretty pink waterlily, blooming in a little pond by a small suburban road
A pretty pink waterlily, blooming in a little pond by a small suburban road.

We don't need much to delight us. Even little beauties of nature are enough to brighten up the day.

See more of the beautiful Waterlilies in the pond >

☀️ Sunset at a beach 🏖️

A walk towards the sunset. A walk along the backwaters, which is now forbidden
A walk towards the sunset, at Panambur Beach of Mangaluru. Walking along this backwater is forbidden since some years, but earlier, we could take a walk over here.

There's something about beaches and sunsets (or sunrises, in case of eastern coasts, especially). They make great pictures. Above all, it's a nice way to spend your evening when you're at a coastal seaside area.

More about Panambur Beach of Mangaluru >

At Panambur beach of Mangaluru
Weekend beach-goers at Panambur beach of Mangaluru.

These are a couple of pictures we took back at Panambur Beach of Mangaluru (formerly, Mangalore), which is the most popular beach along Karnataka's coast. A simple and straight beach, but a fun beach for those who love beaches nonetheless.

See more of Mangalore Beaches >

Okay, then...

Although these are pictures from our previous travels, the original purpose of throwbacks in our in pictures series was to look at and showcase better enhanced pictures, or pictures that are further processed to make them look better, like for example, enhancement of colours, ambience, etc., through addition of filters or editing its parameters, or by addition of vignettes or other aspects to the picture to make it appear more appealing than it was than in its original form; a sort of image enhancement experimentation if I may call it so.

Anyway, our in pictures series is about, well, as the name itself suggests, a look at places or scenes from our travels, in pictures! And, we just wanted to have a little throwback with this one. Okay, that's all for now; see you in our next post.

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