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Saturday 9 July 2016

Now navigate with multi stop directions in Google maps

Currently for Android users, soon to be available for iOS

The latest update to Google Maps introduces new feature for finding directions with multiple stops in between the source and destination. Also, those users with Location History enabled can now add notes to Your Timeline.

These new feature updates to the Google Maps app are currently available for the Android OS users, and will be rolled out soon to iOS according to their official blog post.

The new Add stop feature allows us to add multiple destinations to the routes between our source and destination points easily. Earlier in the app we could enter only from and to destinations, and the app would then display suggested routes between the same. In case we wanted the multiple destination route on our smartphones, we had to initially do it on the desktop, then send the map URL to the phone and then open it in the maps app - a cumbersome process. But now, this feature is available on the mobile app itself with greater flexibility of changing and rearranging the stops, making things a lot easier.

On updating to the recent version of this app (currently for Android OS), there are options of adding multiple stops or places along the routes. That is, we can make a fully customised route plan for a full road trip, with adding the other potential places to visit along the way.

All you have to do is once you have entered from and to places, open the menu from the top right corner of the app and select the Add stop option. You can then add multiple stops and rearrange them as you need. You can also easily rearrange the order of multiple places to refine the route as per your convenience and even rearrange the newly added stops as a first or last point of your route.

Screenshots of adding multiple destinations in Google Maps app Screenshots of adding multiple destinations in Google Maps app
Screenshots of adding multiple destinations in Google Maps app

This is a very useful feature for travellers and one that we always wished for, as a full trip route plan with all the destinations along the way can be made at a single go instead of checking out the routes between two places each time, right from the smartphone.

In addition to this, if you are using the app with Location History enabled, the new feature allows you to add notes to keep track of your travels.

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