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Sunday 20 December 2015

Delayed flight? Here are 5 things to make the wait less painful

Tips to help you make the wait less boring and less stressful

Flight delays can be very frustrating for commuters, especially for those who have travelled a long way with several connecting flights, gone through a long queue at security check, boarding, immigration and customs; not to mention surviving the heavy traffic while initially making it to the airport itself. Here are five things you can do to reduce frustration and boredom while waiting long hours at the airport.

Air travel is becoming affordable nowadays with advance bookings, and being a very convenient and fast means of travel to distant destinations, more travelers are opting for it. With increase in air traffic and many other limiting factors, several airlines are unable to meet their on-time departures/arrival schedules. Bad weather and foggy climate also adds to the delays.

Ensuring on-time flights are definitely beyond our control, but here are a few things that you can do during the next time your flight is delayed. These tips may help you refresh and make the wait less stressful.

1. Don’t stay hungry and thirsty

Keep yourself hydrated and satisfy your stomach. The waiting and frustration can easily make you forget your body and health. It’s important to have lot of water and sufficient quantity of food to stay healthy, active and alert. Have some food, tea, coffee or juice at the food joints there. Half an hour can thus be easily spent.

2. Use your phones/pad or laptop

The things you can do with your cell phone nowadays are innumerable. You can check out your destination, find out all places worth visiting which you might have missed out earlier. Make custom maps and plan your trip even better if you couldn’t do much planning earlier. For others, you can call or skype your family or friends, play a game or poke a friend on social networks.

This of course, needs some pre planning. Charge your smart phone / pad or tablet sufficiently earlier, switch off your phone completely when you are in flight and not just putting it in flight mode. Always carry a power bank (sufficiently charged) as a backup power source. Some airports offer charging stations, but they are always occupied. Considering all this would help you listen your favorite music, watch videos, connect to airport Wi-Fi and browse, or use the cellular data if you are in your home country.

3. Read a book

Carry a book in your backpack that you can read. For some travelers, smartphones aren't their thing. If you are one of them, carry your favorite books or buy a magazine from the store at transit. Books and magazines at the airport may have an additional premium making their charges higher. For kindle owners, download your favorite books in your kindle and also ensure that it’s sufficiently charged.

4. Take a nap

For people who have travelled a long way, it’s really okay to take a seat and have a short nap. Before you do so, ensure that you have an estimated arrival/departure time by looking at the schedule displayed on the monitors or by contacting the ground staff. Set an alarm close to that time and take a quick nap. It helps refresh your mind and body and is an easy way to kill your time.

5. Make a friend

This isn't easy as not many people like to be social with strangers especially those grumpy ones who are also frustrated waiting due to the delay. But, there are a few people who aren't interested in technology or books, and like a healthy conversation with people around and make friends.

Try having a conversation with a person sitting next to you, if that person isn’t really doing anything other than waiting. If you are a female, you have to proceed with caution if it’s a man you speak with. Being too friendly may give them wrong signals in some cases.

I hope these minimal tips will help you fight boredom during your waits at the airport. Know some more ways to make the wait less frustrating? Do tell us your experience and suggestions!

Happy journeys!

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