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We make best possible efforts to provide useful information on a given place/location we come across in our travels for your benefit. We review and provide information and tips about a variety of products useful while travelling. We make best possible efforts to keep the information we provide accurate, as far as rationally possible. But despite our best efforts, some discrepancies or errors might creep in, and hence we give no guarantee for the information we provide.

Please remember that you are solely responsible for verifying and using the information provided in We are not responsible for any kind of liabilities, damages or losses occurring from following the given information.

Moreover some information, for example, details of roads, entry fee, visit timings and even accessibility to certain places are liable to change over time, and may not be the same as the time of our visit or as on the date of the publication. Even though we continuously keep reviewing and updating any changed information, it cannot be guaranteed. If you find any information posted on this website outdated, erroneous or which you think may be misleading, you can contact us at feedback [at] or through our contact us page with highlighting and briefly explaining the error and the link to that web page. The issue will be dealt as soon as possible, and the errors will be corrected after our review. We appreciate and acknowledge your efforts of notifying us by bringing any errors to our knowledge.

We may sometimes at mention a name, or some details of a place of stay such as, a hotel, resort, homestay, or any other kind of accomodation we take during our travels and journeys. Such mentions do not imply endorsements, or any kind of affiliation and they are not advertisements. We do not get paid in cash, or any other kind of favour for such mentions. They are just part of our overall tour experience, and the inclusion of any place of accomodation does not imply its endorsement. More»»

Please view our Terms of service for more details.

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