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About Us

Trayaan - What its all about

Routine life is monotonous. Everyone tries to drive away the insidious monotony in some way or the other. Travelling to places, taking a tour often helps bust that bundled stress of everyday life.

We've been travelling since our childhood as tourists. Later on, we travelled just for the sake of it or whenever duty required us to. This blogging thing happened a lot later, when we were looking for good places for a tour. After our tour, we wondered, why not document our travel experiences so that it might help others too who would be searching like us, where to go next long weekend; leading to the inception of Trayaan, our travel blog.

In this travel blog, we offer you authentic information about the places and destinations we visit and our travel experiences. We keep posting our travels, tours and trips, starting from our beloved motherland, the incredible India.

In addition to that, we give you valuable travel tips, travel perspectives, plus handy maps to help you navigate and visit places with ease.

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